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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beautiful day for a birthday cake party!!

We had a fabulous time entertaining a group of eleven children. The birthday girl turned 5 and had all of her friends over to celebrate with her! They were so much fun and a lively group! They were all excited and full of energy before all the sugar and I'm guessing it continued after the sugar! Take a look at some of the action...

Busy piping and concentrating very hard!

She was so cute! She was trying everything out!

Working on making some stars..

She couldn't resist... had to taste the icing. Luckily, this was the end of this piping bag! 

The birthday girl with her finished cake! She was so pretty with her special apron that she brought for her party! Happy Birthday!!

All smiles after the sugar rush!!

Look at the finished masterpiece! He did a great job!!

How adorable! Her cake looks awesome!!

Isn't he cute~ 

It was a gorgeous day to have a beautiful party! We had a great time and we hope they had as much fun as we did! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Girl turns 5...Cake party time~

We had the pleasure of spending time with this special little girl at her birthday party! She and her friends had a wonderful time dressing up like bakers and decorating their cakes! They had the best time with the fondant and candies for sure! Here's what we did...

This is what the table looked like before we started.

Busy making more shapes of fondant to add to the cake

He is working hard putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece. His finished product is below!

She's excited to show her finished product!

She has been hard at work and this is her finished cake.
This cake belongs to a two year old. He would not stick around long enough for me to get his picture with the cake! 

Some of our little decorators took off before we could get their picture with their cakes. They were having so much fun playing together and most likely sugared up!
He worked so hard and stayed at the table the longest! He had so much fun!
Here's the birthday girl getting ready to blow out the candles! Happy 5th birthday!!

All the little decorators got rounded up for a picture with their hats! We managed to get them still for a second to take this picture! That's quite an accomplishment!!   

We had such a great time with these little ones! They were so excited We hope she had a wonderful 5th birthday!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Time Birthday Party~

So, what do you do when your birthday is right around Christmas? Make the best of it! We hosted a cake party for a birthday girl and seven of her closest friends with a Christmas theme! They were all red, green, covered in powered sugar and icing when done! They had a blast!! Check it out...

Covered in powdered sugar! 

Birthday girl! 
Getting silly with all this sugar!!

Finished product!! 

These cakes were so great and festive!! They did a fabulous job decorating them and had some great fun together as well!! Thanks for letting us come and entertain the troops! We had a blast as well!!

Thanksgiving Turkeys~

I'm really late in posting these but here is a look at what we worked on in our November cake decorating class. We used cookies and melted chocolates to make cookie pops that were transformed into turkeys! It was a little messy and took some imagination and creativity but this is what we came up with...

I must say, these were certainly a challenge to complete! I think these girls did a fantastic job! 
They had a great time!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Halloween!! October 20th Decorating class!!

Wow!! We had so much fun with this one!! Who doesn't love celebrating Halloween?? We got REALLY creative with this one! We went a little hard core and tried some new techniques but it actually worked! We used cakes and cupcakes this time around to make it a little different. They learned how to use fondant; roll it, cut it and use it to decorate. They learned to use the piping bags; had some great fun with candy corns (the unofficial candy of Halloween) and they learned how to use ground up cookies to make dirt. Take a look at these FANTASTIC cakes!! They had so much fun!! Hooray for Halloween!!!

Getting ready to party!

Cupcakes are on the cakes and piping is in progress. Mom's are welcome to join in!

Spiders anyone??

Not so scary witches are pretty nice!!

Mummies looking good!!

We have a mummy and a pumpkin! And yes, these are all anchored to the cake. 

Lovin' these mummies!! Aren't they awesome!!

Mummies coming up from the dirt! Great imagination!! 

Pumpkin and spider! Aren't they the cutest??

This was made by an adorable 3 year old! She iced the cake, then smashed the cake, and then ate the icing off!! It was the funniest thing!! 

And here is the adorable 3 year old!! All sugared up!!

Everyone was so busy adding to their cakes! We really were very ambitious today and they did awesome!

Love the witches!! 

Just precious!!

Some up close pictures!

Look at how it is beautifully color-coordinated!! 

Just love it! Scary spider and cute pumpkin!!

I thought this one was also very creative~

Up close Mummies in dirt.

So adorable!!  I told her to say "cheese" and she did!! Perfect picture!!

The cute creator of the cute pair of mummies! 


Cute mummy and pumpkin! Her techniques are getting better with each cake!!

What a great picture! And a great cake!!

I love this! She worked every corner of this cake from the top to the bottom and all the sides! I think she really enjoyed herself! Definitely has this talent in her future!!

We had a great time, honestly!! We have two more classes scheduled so make your reservations for Saturday, November 10th at 9 am. We will be all about TURKEYS just in time for Thanksgiving!! We will be using some cookies combined with our cakes next time!! The class is $25 per person and it will be held at Local Color in Springville. If you can't make it for that class, the December class will be Saturday, December 1st at 9 am and we will be doing a Holiday theme (of course)! So, please mark your calendars and let me know as soon as possible. I will need to have reservations by November 6th for the Turkey class. Please email me at for more information and make your reservation!!